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Like many of you, we have experienced the highs and lows that comes with building and running organisations with ambitious targets, and that is why we believe we can be valuable partners in helping you build the next chapter of your business. We are former operators of publicly listed, private equity-backed, founder-led and family-owned organisations, and have been responsible for managing diverse teams across various sectors, geographies and business cycles. We have also led digital transformations and complex change management initiatives over the course of our careers.

If you are a member of a family business looking to explore exit opportunities, rest assured that we understand the sensitivities with regards to managing succession and protecting your legacy. Hence, we encourage you to contact us and schedule an exploratory conversation.

We believe in cultivating long-term relationships, so regardless of whether or not you meet our investment criteria, we are always happy to have an introductory conversation and discuss potential partnership opportunities. If we cannot invest in you immediately, we will strive to help you in other ways.

Please review our investment criteria to determine whether your business would be a fit for our investment strategy.

our investment selection process

Investment sectors

  • Life Sciences
  • Consumer
  • Manufacturing
  • Tech-enabled services
    (related to the core 3 sectors above)

Investment stages

  • Growth equity
  • Corporate carveouts
  • Buyouts

Investment criteria

Growth Equity

  • Min. Capital Raised
  • Min. Cash Runway
    18 months

Carveouts | Buyouts

  • Min. Revenue
    $50M - $100M
  • Min. EBITDA
    $10M - $20M
  • Min. Free Cash Flow
  • Add-On Acquisitions may be smaller

Investment size

Growth Equity

  • Average Check Size
    $30M - $50M

    Min. Ownership

Carveouts | Buyouts

  • Average Check Size
    $50M - $100M
  • Min. Ownership