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Traditional private equity GPs (who are often brilliant business analysts and financial engineers, but inexperienced operators) lack the depth of operational knowledge and change management experience required to generate meaningful alpha through operational improvements alone.

As former operators of both private equity-backed and family-owned organisations, we have been directly responsible for delivering shareholder returns driven by operational improvements. Over the last three decades, we have done so across various sectors and business cycles, while managing (ethnically, culturally and ideologically) diverse teams across multiple geographies.

As we look to the future, we firmly believe that our operational track record uniquely positions us to not only help you in selecting a portfolio of businesses that will deliver sustainable top-quartile returns, but also to drive such returns through our approach of designing businesses for transformative growth. 

our investment selection process

Investment sectors

  • Life Sciences
  • Consumer
  • Manufacturing
  • Tech-enabled services
    (related to the core 3 sectors above)

Investment stages

  • Growth equity
  • Corporate carveouts
  • Buyouts

Investment criteria

Growth Equity

  • Min. Capital Raised
  • Min. Cash Runway
    18 months

Carveouts | Buyouts

  • Min. Revenue
    $50M - $100M
  • Min. EBITDA
    $10M - $20M
  • Min. Free Cash Flow
  • Add-On Acquisitions may be smaller

Investment size

Growth Equity

  • Average Check Size
    $30M - $50M

    Min. Ownership

Carveouts | Buyouts

  • Average Check Size
    $50M - $100M
  • Min. Ownership