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One of the best parts of our culture is our growth mindset. We are constantly challenging ourselves to apply our knowledge in creative ways to build a prosperous future for both NCAP and our portfolio companies. However, we acknowledge the limitations of our own experience and the willingness to work with new partners to strengthen our performance. 

We are always open to exploring new relationships with advisors in the following areas:

  • Investment Due Diligence Advisory
  • M&A Advisory
  • Market Intelligence
  • Management Consultancy (Life Sciences)
  • Fund Administration
  • Capital Formation Advisory
  • Legal Advisory (SPV | Fund Formation)
  • Tax Advisory

our investment selection process

Investment sectors

  • Life Sciences
  • Consumer
  • Manufacturing
  • Tech-enabled services
    (related to the core 3 sectors above)

Investment stages

  • Growth equity
  • Corporate carveouts
  • Buyouts

Investment criteria

Growth Equity

  • Min. Capital Raised
  • Min. Cash Runway
    18 months

Carveouts | Buyouts

  • Min. Revenue
    $50M - $100M
  • Min. EBITDA
    $10M - $20M
  • Min. Free Cash Flow
  • Add-On Acquisitions may be smaller

Investment size

Growth Equity

  • Average Check Size
    $30M - $50M

    Min. Ownership

Carveouts | Buyouts

  • Average Check Size
    $50M - $100M
  • Min. Ownership